Hilti represents the new generation of HVU2 capsule anchor system


The new generation of the capsule anchor system Hilti HVU2 has a very wide range of applications - it can be used to install barrier barriers and noise-proof road screens, mount equipment on the foundation and metal columns, beams and crossbars, railings and balcony fences, road signs.

Hilti represents the new generation of HVU2 capsule anchor system

The chemical composition made on the basis of urethane methyl acrylate, in combination with anchor screw studs, provides extremely high loads, including in concrete with cracks. The composition is placed in plastic packaging.

The new system has been certified for use in seismic areas.

Anchors can now be installed in a wide range of temperatures - from -10 to + 40 ° C, at room temperature the adhesive composition gains strength after five minutes.

If hollow burrs Hilti TE-CD or TE-YD are used to make an anchor hole, then a subsequent cleaning of the hole is not required. The cleaning procedure after conventional drill is also minimized. Installation of HVU 2 is allowed in the hole made by installing diamond drilling without additional processing of its walls.

Thus, the builders received a universal and reliable anchoring system in the range of diameters from 8 to 30 mm. The new version of the PROFIS Anchor software already contains the characteristics of the HVU2 system.


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